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I daresay it would have been a tough call to make, and not one that was made in haste.

Not having published any adult content lenses I'm not going to feel the same emotion and attachment. Though if Adult Hubbers will realise that anything I have to say is not an anti-porn stance then they'll get a better idea of where I'm coming from.

Porn has a place in society. It's entertainment. Certainly it can take a grip of some peoples lives but that can be said about anything. Whether computer games, gambling, alcohol... even crossword puzzles can become an unhealthy obsession.

When I see naked bodies I don't neither froth at the mouth or feel guilty or disgusted.

I am mindful though as to what my kids are exposed to. Especially other peoples kids.

I had a good plan on pitching Squidoo to local schools as a way for them to publish assignments online and make a few dollars. Money that could be used to buy books for the school library.

Squidoo had a couple of advantages over Hubpages, mostly that it uses Paypal as a means to receive the revenue. While on one hand I think HubPages system which utilises ones own Adsense and Amazon accounts can mean more money for the Author, it would require a few more steps of explaining to teachers, principals and the P&C committee (or in the US: P&T) the hows, whys and hows of registering affiliate accounts.

I pitched this idea at a journalist. But not just any journalist. This person with whom I discussed the idea co-ordinates a region wide school newspaper competition.

Her only concern, after I explained how it would work, is whether or not the site (Squidoo) would have any questionable content (ie: porn).

While there is a splash page warning of adult content and people are supposed to rate their own lenses whether they are G, R or X rated, and of course we're seeing a LOT incorrectly rated lenses, with just a few clicks or a search a school kid could quite easily be viewing porn on the school computer.

With 20 to 30 kids in a class a teacher has only so much attention to give to each child. They are supervised, but it would take just 10 seconds of porn on the computer for all hell to break loose when parents hear about it.

I honestly didn't want my butt whipped and kicked when my sole intention was to do something good for the community.

Now the only reason why I'm outlining this is to point out how easy it is for kids to access porn. Which can easily be done with a Google Image Search. But at the end of the day if I owned a website that I wanted to be safe for EVERYONE then it'd need to be bereft of pornographic imagery.

Sad but true.

If more people in the world were just like me they wouldn't really give a toss about the odd bit of exposure of boob or even the occasional penis.

Though due to hindsight and judging someone elses plans AFTER they've been executed is a very easy thing to do. Had I gone into such a venture blind just like the good folk at HubPages Inc I probably would have gone the very route they did.

And now they're stuck with trying to plug the holes.

Despite not being a gambling man I think it's safe to bet that any Adult Hub Author who has posted in the forums here would be the type of person to correctly rate their own hubs appropriately.

And I don't think it would ever have been the intention of HubPages Inc to give them the rough end of the stick.

But it's easier to police a No Adult Policy then trying to keep in line the ones that aren't so mindful in doing the right thing. It's a never ending battle. One that I've seen played out on a daily basis at Squidoo.

I wish Adult Authors the best in finding a new home. Though there's benefits in not having your eggs in more than one basket (such as having some mainstream projects in addition to your adult stuff).

I do believe HubPages will continue to grow and prosper without the adult part of the equation. It may see a drop off in visitors, but I don't expect it will be detrimental to the long term prospects of HubPages.

If the powers that be ever consider making SmutPages big_smile then I may blow the dust off some of my wife's erotic fiction that she penned when she was younger and publish it online wink

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