1-99 Woodutting Guide 2012 P2P & F2P Runescape

Place: Varrock (GE).

Recommended places

1-15: normal trees (25 xp per log, 97 needed). Alternatively, they can in addition chop yew trees. I strongly recommend an individual to complete some thing besides to always be able to prevent death by boredome.

In average, you make with regards to 77k xp within an hour. However figures as significantly as 110k yp each hour have got furthermore been reported.

Recommended places: Yanille, Falador walls (my favourite), Varrock Castle and so on.

F2P can't make use regarding the ivies. Places: Draynor, Barbarian Outpost.

Alternatively, you can also chop yew trees having a level of http://www.girlsshitting.info/ 60. These People will must chop willow trees for the fastest expertise rate. Places: Lumbridge, Varrock (GE) along with Draynor.

30-68: Willow http://www.girlsshitting.info/ Trees (67.5 for each log, 8766 needed). That They take longer, however, you produce a lot more money using them within comparison.

mbyL's 99 Woodcutting (wc) Manual 2012

15-30: Oak Trees (37,5 xp for each log, 534 needed). This specific component is by way the particular simplest one, as you tend to be doing not necessarily obtain just about any logs (only bird's nest and its rewards) and you remain constantly facing a wall. 68-99: Choking ivy. This way, a person earn a lot more money, however it has a lot much more time.

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