Sony Turns Hotel Into Giant Concrete PS4

I wanted in order to ask why Sony would choose this kind of odd creating for this essential http://www.roughsexclips.com event, nevertheless this light display explains it.
I mean, sure, it's no PS3 building...
For reference:
..but to obtain a temporary event it's doing an OK job.. " Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) November 12, 2013
Sony Turns hotel into Giant Concrete PS4
Sony Turns Resort Directly Into Giant Concrete PS4

The blue collection arrives in NYC pic.twitter.com/ZiylqUGabj

Sony Turns Resort Directly Into Giant Concrete PS4

Sony's holding a new PS4 "review" event throughout The big Apple this http://www.roughsexclips.com week, along with it's likely down at The Particular Normal Substantial Line, the weird-looking old hotel that's not specifically within the center of times Square

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